Slide Karaoke

Slide Karaoke is a new event at the MSE 2020 which brings together scientist from all over the world in a relaxed atmosphere. It is a good opportunity to network, chat and laugh, but:

What is Slide Karaoke about?

Slide Karaoke challenges the participant to present one single Presentation Slide in two minutes. The crux: The presenter does not know the author or has seen the slide before. This requires the ability to improvise and occur self-confident despite not having a clue on the topic. The best presenter wins!

Who decides on the winner?

Jury and people’s choice prizes will be given to the best presenter and the best submitted slide (4 prizes in total).

How can I participate?

Quite easy. You can either submit a Presetation Slide using our template here (your slide needs to relate to science somehow), register to be a presenter on side, or even do both! Please send your registrations and slides to