Guidelines for MSE Symposium Organizers

Registration and presence during the MSE2020

Please visit and register for the event and your participation. The registration enables you to evaluate the submitted papers for your symposia.

The congress is financed by the congress fees and the scientific cooperation takes place on an unpaid and voluntary basis. Please understand that your expenses cannot be reimbursed.

We look forward to welcoming you as a MSE symposium organizer in Darmstadt in September 2020.


On request, MSE symposia receive a stipend of 500 EUR, which could be used to finance the congress fee of keynote speakers, highlight speakers or international scientists. Any other use is not allowed.

You are welcome to organize further symposium sponsoring on your own. In this case, we will be happy to publish your sponsors' logos on the website and in the congress booklet. An example of how the sponsors will be presented can be found on the MSE 2018 website and digital booklet.


Program Booklet:

If you need support processing any payments of your sponsoring funds, please contact us at: In this case we reserve the right to charge a handling fee.

Phases of MSE Organization

The organisation of MSE congress is structured in different, consecutive phases:

1. Call for Symposia - done

The scientific committee and topic coordinators are asking for symposia suggestions.

2. Evaluation of Call for Symposium - done

After end of submission deadline, the scientific committee and topic coordinators evaluates the received suggestions and make a selection of symposia for the different topics. As result the topics will be divided into symposia which are announced in the Call for Abstracts (CfA).

3. Call for Abstract

Deadline for abstract submission: 28. February 2020

Based on the selected symposia a Call for Abstracts will be prepared and send out. Parallelly the symposium organizer will receive access to the MSE online system and can already review the incoming abstracts. This requires a registration at the MSE 2020 homepage. A detailed video tutorial on how to submit an abstract can be found at:

4. Evaluation of Call for Abstract

At the end of the deadline, the Scientific Committee and the Topic Coordinators will establish a programme structure for MSE 2020. Therefore, the symposia will be divided into sessions. The number of sessions will be determined on the basis of the abstracts received, the conference rooms available and the timetable. One session consists of contributions from one break to the next. There is no change of topic or symposium within a session.  
A functioning symposium should have at least two full sessions. This means that at least 15-20 oral presentations (excluding posters) must be available by the deadline to meet the feasibility criteria. If the criteria for the feasibility of symposia are not met by the CfA deadline, they will be merged with other symposia or deleted.

Please follow these steps to get access to the submitted abstracts

  • Log on to the MSE website with your access data
  • Go on "My submissions"

  • Go on "Review Manager"

  • Here you will find an overview of the symposia activated for you as organizer. To get to the overview of the submitted abstract, select the symposium you want to review, go to "Action" and "Display Paperpool".

  • On this page you can review, print/download, move to other symposia or rate the individual abstracts.

5. Assignment of abstracts into sessions

The symposium organiser will receive access to the session assignment centre within the MSE online system. In the centre, the organiser can assign the abstracts to the available sessions and change the type of presentations. It will be possible to change the type of presentation from lecture and poster to: 

Keynote = invited speakers, 2 time units = 30 min, including discussion 
Excellent scientists or representatives of industry will give a lecture with focus on the Topic of the Symposium. The Symposium Organiser will choose them. Depending on the length of a symposia 2-3 Keynote Speakers could be realized. Keynote speakers have to pay the congress fee and will not receive any travel support. 

Highlight  = 1 time unit = 15 min, including discussion 
The Symposium Organiser can mark lectures that are above average as Highlight Lectures. Two Highlight Lectures per Symposium are possible, Highlight Speakers have to pay the congress fee and will not receive any travel support. 

Lecture = 1 time unit = 15 min including discussion 
Contributed lectures will be classified by the Symposium Organiser and put into the  congress programme. It is anticipated that approximately 60 – 70% of the contributed  lectures will be selected for oral presentation. The remaining lectures will be regarded as a reserve and they will initially be classified as oral poster or poster. 

Oral Poster (in addition to the regular poster) = 3 min short lecture  
The Symposium Organiser could select Oral Posters. Further infromation will be published in due time.

Poster = Poster are on display during the congress in the foyer of the lecture halls.
The presenting authors of the posters should be available for discussion during the poster show. 

6. Confirmation of authors

After closing of a session by the symposium organiser the authors within the session will receive feedback about the acceptance of their abstracts automatically via system. 

7. Finalising of symposia and sessions

7.1 Session Chairs 
Every session must be leaded by a session chair. The symposium organizers are ask to help to identify and organize the session chairs for their symposium until mid of July 2020. The organizers could chair a session as well. 

7.2 Proceedings 
There will be no complete set of congress proceedings. Symposium organisers can fix individual arrangements with publishers of books or journals. Such arrangements need be coordinated with the congress organizing team.  

7.3 Providing of Documents 
In addition to the abstracts, authors could upload documents as full papers or poster through the MSE website. During the upload, the authors could decide to make the document public for all visitors of MSE website or not. For further information please check our video instruction:

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: