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Wednesday (26.09.2018)

Thursday (27.09.2018)

Poster P06: Molecular Preparative Approaches to Functional Materials
Session starts at 09:30

Characterization of Sol-gel Derived and Spin-coated On Stainless Steel Calcium Hydroxyapatite Thin Films

Vilma Jonauske Yuhei Tanaka Yuki Nishimoto Prof. Dr. Aivaras Kareiva

Poster B05: Biomaterials Applications
Session starts at 09:30

Combined Roughness and Functional Analysis of Biomaterials

Anne Gärtner Nadja Felde Dr. Sven Schröder

Poster B06: Biomaterials for Bone Substitution and Regeneration
Session starts at 09:30

Interaction of PEI-Glycopolymers with the cellular microenvironment of multiple myeloma cells

Felix Schulze Bettina Keperscha Martina Emde Dr. Anja Seckinger Dr. Dirk Hose Dr. Dietmar Appelhans Prof. Dr. Angela Rösen-Wolff

Poster F02: Surface Engineering and Functionalisation
Session starts at 09:30

Manufacturing of nanostructured thermoplastics by laser-assisted hot embossing

Jan-Hendric Rakebrandt Heino Besser Anne Habermehl Dr. Markus Guttmann Markus Wissmann Dr. Carsten Eschenbaum Prof. Dr. Uli Lemmer Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Seifert Dr. Wilhelm Pfleging

Poster B05: Biomaterials Applications
Session starts at 09:30

Polyester based Nanoparticles with Tailored Thermal Properties for Drug Delivery

Karl Scheuer Damiano Bandelli Dr. Christine Weber Michael Seifert Irina Muljajew Prof. Ulrich S. Schubert Prof. Klaus D. Jandt Christian Helbing

Poster B07: Bioactive, Antibacterial Surfaces and Coatings
Session starts at 09:30

Tailoring Degradation Behavior of Magnesium Based Biodegradable Alloys using Bioactive Coatings

Dr.-Ing. Farasat Iqbal Asif Iqbal