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P01: Cancelled - Additive Manufacturing of Intelligent Polymeric Multi-material Systems

Belongs to:
TopicP: Processing and Synthesis

Additive manufacturing with polymeric materials enables completely new possibilities for generating multi-material systems, which had not been accessible by conventional technologies until now. By means of these polymeric multi-material systems innovative applications are going to be realised in mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering, but also in medical technology, life sciences or architecture.

Processing, structure, functional properties and applications of intelligent multi-material systems shall be discussed, considering in particular

  • Graded materials,
  • Metamaterials,
  • Printed functional materials,
  • Printed organic electronics,
  • Dielectric and optic structures,
  • Membrane electrode assemblies and
  • Multi-material systems for sensors and actuators.

Combinations of additive manufactured polymeric multi-material systems with other materials (e.g. metals, ceramics) may be addressed as well, considering topics such as mechanically stress distribution at boundaries (e.g. for structural components or medical implants), electric field control or functional coatings.