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S08: Cancelled - Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Structural Materials II

Belongs to:
TopicS: Structural Materials

Static and dynamic mechanical properties of structural materials are genuinely determined by their internal microstructure. Improved synthesis routes, for example severe plastic deformation, electrochemical or physical deposition, implanting, or unique alloying and processing strategies allow the generation of distinct microstructures down to the nanometer regime. These techniques operate typically far from thermo-dynamical equilibrium, but are capable to synthesize tailored structures that in turn exhibit extraordinary static and dynamic mechanical properties. The focus of this symposium is on understanding the general link between material properties and microstructure for fine-grained and nanostructured high performance materials.

In this context, structural properties of nanocrystalline, nanocomposite, nanolaminate, nanoporous materials, as well as materials with otherwise advanced designed microstructures are in the focus of this symposium. Mechanical properties of interest include, but are not limited to, strength and ductility, fracture toughness, fatigue resistance, thermo-mechanical stability, as well as deformation and damage mechanisms.

Topics of interest involve, but are not limited to:

  • Modifying mechanical properties utilizing recent advances in synthesis of tailored material microstructures
  • Structural property changes induced by modern alloying and processing concepts for light weight high strength materials
  • Advanced synthesis approaches to grant classical alloys improved mechanical performance
  • Strategies to design meta-materials with tailored mechanical response
  • Combining structural performance with functional properties, e.g. radiation tolerance, electronic resistance, or magnetic performance, by microstructure design
  • Novel experimental techniques to assess global and local mechanical properties of advanced structural materials
  • Linking local high resolution structural and chemical information to global mechanical properties

Moreover a joint session with the symposium “D: Small scale and in situ mechanical testing: Theory meets experiment” is planned.