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P05: Materials and processes for thermochemical energy storage

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TopicP: Processing and Synthesis

Efficient usage of energy is the crucial issue for sustainable society in bright future. Since a major part of our energy consumption is in the form of thermal energy and thermal energy is abundantly available (solar and geothermal energy), the importance of innovative materials and processes for thermal energy storage is commonly recognized. Thermochemical energy storage is an emerging technology which has been attracting rapidly increasing attention of scientists and engineers during the last five years as it allow compact loss free storage of energy. Thermochemical materials span a wide range of materials: i.e. salt hydrates, impregnated porous media, zeolites, MOF's, salt ammoniates, hydroxides, etc.  

The symposium is focused on progress in thermochemical energy storage and closely-related fields with the emphasis on materials selection, manipulation and characterization. One of the crucial tasks of the symposium is to bring together chemists, physicists, thermal engineers and other professionals to comprehensively outline achievements and challenges in thermochemical storage of heat.  

The symposium welcomes professionals dedicated to the fields of

  • Materials for thermochemical energy storage
  • Ad- and absorption materials for heat storage and transformation
  • Thermo-physical characterization of materials
  • Chemical and sorption heat pumps
  • Advanced sorption heating and cooling systems
  • Economic and environmental aspects of thermochemical materials

to present their work in oral and poster forms.