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F03: Characterization of Energy Materials

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TopicF: Functional Materials, Surfaces, and Devices

Energy materials, i.e. materials designed to efficiently operate in the field of energy conversion and storage, are nowadays attracting an increasing interest for the reduction of the dependence of the global energetic metabolism from the fossil fuels. Efficient materials,  devices, attention to the health and environmental issues, sustainability of the material production and improvement of its durability (in a cradle-to-gate approach) are all issues strictly connected to a deep and accurate structural, chemical and spectroscopic characterisation. Materials properties need to be linked to phase and chemical materials composition, as well as to their homogeneity, to their morphology and to their surface features.

This symposium welcomes contributions open to all characterisation methods, being particularly devoted to lateral resolution, in situ/operando, synchrotron based techniques. Theoretical and/or thermodynamical comparison of characterisation studies will be also considered.