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Z01: Women in Materials Science

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TopicZ: Special Symposia

Women advocating for women is essential in all disciplines, but especially those that remain male-dominated. Only a few percent of the PhD students, postdocs and professors are represented by women at TU Darmstadt, a similar situation exists in all the universities throughout the world.  This event for women in materials science and engineering is intended to promote interaction across various ethnic, cultural and gender boundaries and facilitate dialog among women (and men) working in, or pursuing education towards a profession in materials science. The purpose of this symposium is to increase the consciousness of the rewarding careers in materials science and engineering among female scientists and students of all ages.

Women in Materials Science symposium features scientific presentations of broad interest in the materials science given by female professors and researchers, covering topics related to synthesis, processing and characterization as well as modeling and simulation of structural, functional materials and biomaterials. The symposium will be followed by a networking session, which will provide the attendees with a great opportunity to ask their questions in an informal atmosphere and make contact with eminent women in materials science from around the world.  

This symposium is organized by the Gender Equality Commission of Materials and Earth Science Department at TU Darmstadt.