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B01: Bioceramics - Ceramics for healthcare, pharmaceutical and biological applications

Belongs to:
TopicB: Biomaterials

The focus of this symposium is the broad field of bioceramics as well as bioactive glasses and composites for healthcare, including medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. Bioceramics in all their variants will be covered, including bioinert ceramics for implants and prosthetic devices, bioactive ceramics and glasses for tissue engineering and advanced applications such as medical imaging, drug delivery and cancer treatment. Presentations will address both basic science and technological aspects related to the design, processing, characterisation and applications of bioceramics in both existing and emerging applications.

Topics to be covered by the symposium include but are not limited to:

  • Bioceramics for medical implants
  • Bioactive Scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Bone replacement, regeneration and reconstruction
  • Bioceramics for therapeutic ion and drug delivery
  • Ceramics in Nanomedicine