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C01: Advanced Particle Characterization for Material Analysis and Synthesis

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TopicC: Characterization

Particles play a decisive role both in modern composites and in well-established materials such as steel or concrete. Geometries and properties of particles affect the performance of filled rubbers in tires, enable functional printing, and prevent grain growth in metals, to name only a few. A common consequence is the necessity to measure the sizes, shapes, and properties of particles in a range of materials and in precursor dispersions. Such analysis is the basis of rational design and the understanding of failure mechanisms.

This symposium brings together research on particle analysis inside materials and in dispersion. It will focus on recent developments in advanced techniques for chemical particle analysis, measurements of size and shape distribution, quantification of colloidal behavior, including particle stability in different media, and surface chemistry, among other aspects.  

Topics will include: -Identification and characterization of particles in materials  

  • Characterization of particles in dispersion
  • Nucleation, growth and assembly of particles
  • Particle extraction from materials
  • Advanced electron microscopy
  • Synchrotron techniques
  • Optical analysis
  • Particle fractionation techniques from AUC to FFF
  • Surface characterization
  • Agglomeration and stability quantification
  • Structure formation
  • Modeling