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B03: Biomaterials Applications

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TopicB: Biomaterials

This symposium will attract experts working in the broad field of materials for biomedical applications, including metals, ceramics, polymers and their composites. Presentations will focus on a variety of topics ranging from biomedical implants, coatings and surface treatment of biomaterials to novel biomaterials for tissue engineering scaffolds, regenerative medicine and drug delivery. Thus biomedical applications of both permanent and biodegradable materials will be considered in this symposium. Moreover advanced methods for the characterization and testing of biomaterials in in-vivo relevant conditions will be included, with emphasis in the tissue/biomaterial interface. Other topics will include innovative multifunctional nanocomposites and tailored surface functionalization approaches for eliciting specific biological responses. Biomaterial based approaches to develop advanced scaffolds for tissue regeneration will be also covered in this symposium, including 3D scaffolds with drug delivery or biomolecular signaling function thus providing enhanced support to cell attachment, growth and proliferation. The symposium will offer an excellent forum to present and discuss the most recent and relevant contributions to application of materials in the biomedical field, bringing together material scientists, biologists, pharmacists, tissue engineers and medical doctors. Suggested topics are:

  1. Bioactive materials as dense and porous implants,
  2. Functionally-graded biomaterials and nanocomposites,
  3. Scaffolds for tissue engineering,
  4. Tissue/Biomaterial Interface phenomena,
  5. Biodegradable medical devices,
  6. Clinical applications,
  7. Materials for controlled drug delivery.