S01: Advanced Steels

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TopicS: Structural Materials

In the last years, the steel industry has been making a sustained effort to innovate and create advanced steels and production methods to fulfill the needs of materials with continuously growing demand for property enhancement. Microstructural refinement linked to chemical composition design and process control is the most promising combination towards steels with unique and compelling properties. In addition to existing and emerging strategies for microstructural and metallurgical design, this Symposium will also include recent developments in steel characterization methods, simulations, and modeling.

Proposed theme areas (but not limited to):

  • Innovation in steel products and technologies: From process development to Industry 4.0 revolution
  • Advanced steel characterization methods: EBSD, APT, 3D analysis, Non-destructive techniques,…
  • Microstructure/Mechanical property relationships
  • Simulation of metallurgical phenomena and multiscale modelling

Lecture S01: Advanced Steels
WEB Effect of nano-scaled Cu precipitates on cyclic hardening potential, fatigue strength and defect tolerance of a low carbon steel

David Görzen Dr. Hannah Schwich Bastian Blinn Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bleck Prof. Dr. Tilmann Beck

Lecture S01: Advanced Steels
WEB Lightweight stainless steels strengthened by B2-(Ni,Fe)Al intermetallic precipitates

Michael Harwarth Guanghui Chen Dr. Reza Rahimi Prof. Dr. Horst Biermann Dr. Javad Mola

Lecture S01: Advanced Steels
WEB Micro-magnetic assessment of functional properties in the sub-surface zone of deep drilled AISI 4140 and 304L steels

Simon Strodick Robert Schmidt Dr. Andreas Zabel Prof. Dr. Dirk Biermann Prof. Dr. Frank Walther

Lecture S01: Advanced Steels
Classification of bainitic microstructures with machine learning – how to assign the ground truth in the most objective way

Martin Müller Dr. Dominik Britz Dr. Thorsten Staudt Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich

Lecture S01: Advanced Steels
Microstructural evolutions and phase transformations of a fe-cr-c alloy elaborated by hot isostatic pressing

Ph.D. Arnold Tellier Prof. Maria-Rosa Ardigo-Besnard Prof. Dr. Jean-Philippe Chateau-Cornu Prof. Dr. Ioana Popa Dr. Julien Guyon Prof. Dr. Albert Tidu

Lecture S01: Advanced Steels
On the grain boundary segregation of boron and its effect on phase transformations in steels

Prithiv Thoudden Sukumar Dr. Yujiao Li Dr. Dirk Ponge Prof. Dr. Dierk Raabe

Lecture S01: Advanced Steels
Phosphorus Interface Segregation Measurement: Cross comparison between XPS, WDS, TEM-EDS, and APT

Chih-Ying Hsu Dr. Julien Stodolna Dr. Patrcik Todeschini Dr. Frédéric Delabrouille Gilles Espinasse Sonia Violier Dr. Vincent Barnier Prof. Dr. Frédéric Christien