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S01: Advanced Steels

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TopicS: Structural Materials

In the last years, the steel industry has been making a sustained effort to innovate and create advanced steels and production methods to fulfill the needs of materials with continuously growing demand for property enhancement. Microstructural refinement linked to chemical composition design and process control is the most promising combination towards steels with unique and compelling properties. In addition to existing and emerging strategies for microstructural and metallurgical design, this Symposium will also include recent developments in steel characterization methods, simulations, and modeling.

Proposed theme areas (but not limited to):

  • Innovation in steel products and technologies: From process development to Industry 4.0 revolution
  • Advanced steel characterization methods: EBSD, APT, 3D analysis, Non-destructive techniques,…
  • Microstructure/Mechanical property relationships
  • Simulation of metallurgical phenomena and multiscale modelling