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F01: Advanced Materials for Lithium and Post-Lithium Batteries

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TopicF: Functional Materials, Surfaces, and Devices

Research and development for advanced lithium and post-lithium (Na-, Mg-, ..) batteries require an integrated understanding of the materials´ electrochemical properties, the thermodynamic and kinetic behavior as well as the relationships to thermal and safety performances. This symposium will focus on both the individual properties of advanced battery materials and their behavior within cells and batteries in operation (regular and irregular uses, accidents). Besides materials electrochemical, thermodynamic and kinetic data, their heterogeneous reactions are of interest. Additionally, contributions are invited considering micro- and nanostructural properties and crystal chemistry of electrode materials e.g. related to environmental conditions and cell operating modes. Presentations will cover recent results from experimental investigations, theoretical approaches and simulations (ab initio, Calphad, phase field, …).