C04: In situ characterization/testing

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TopicC: Characterization

The great potential of in situ observations/experiments is to study and to analyse the temporal evolution of ongoing deformation and damage processes in structural materials under defined loading conditions. However, the potential of in situ observation can be increased even more by combination with powerful complementary characterization techniques, e.g. electron backscattered diffraction, thermography, digital image correlation or acoustic emission measurements. The combination of various methods with their different resolution ranges in terms of lateral, spatial or time resolution can provide a deeper knowledge and understanding of the time sequence of microstructural processes. In addition, information gained through in situ experiments could contribute in a substantial manner to microstructure-based modelling of material behaviour under different loading conditions.

This symposium will mainly focus on both the development of new advanced in situ testing techniques and the further application of these techniques to understand the mechanical behavior of materials. Of special interest are combined experimental and simulation approaches. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • In situ characterization/testing using optical microscopy, SEM, TEM, CT, X-ray diffraction, Synchrotron
  • Monotonic and cyclic testing; multiaxial testing  
  • Testing at elevated temperatures and under various environmental conditions
  • Evaluation of localized phenomena by use of digital image correlation, acoustic and thermal measurements or combined full-field measurements
  • Testing and understanding the deformation behavior of:
    • materials with different microstructure (from single to nano crystalline grain sizes) and/or crystal structure
    • microstructurally graded materials
  • Correlation between experiments and simulations

Poster C04: In situ characterization/testing
WEB Benefits of evaluating coatings in real marine enviroment

Dipl.-Ing. Aiala Urbegain Garate Pablo Benguria Uribe Saioa Saenz De Urturi Ugarte Andrés del Barrio Fernandez Amets Etxeberria Etxabe Raúl Caracena Toribio

Poster C04: In situ characterization/testing
WEB Corrosion resistance of a Ni-based brazing alloy in a marine atmospheric exposure

Dipl.-Ing. Aiala Urbegain Garate Dr. Virginia Madina Arrese

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
WEB Mechanical in-situ CT studies combined with digital volume correlation on lattice structures manufactured by selective laser melting

Dr.-Ing. Pascal Pinter Lukas Englert Dr. Stefan Dietrich

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
A Raman spectroscopic in situ study of binder systems for carbon-bonded filters

Simon Brehm Dr. Cameliu Himcinschi Martin Rudolph Thomas Hammer Benjamin Bock Prof. Dr. David Rafaja Prof. Dr. Christos Aneziris Prof. Dr. Jens Kortus

Poster C04: In situ characterization/testing
Correlation between electrical and mechanical properties of silver nanowire electrodes studied by complementary in situ microscopy techniques

Marco Moninger Nadine Schrenker Felix Werner Lilian Vogl Dr. Peter Schweizer Peter Denninger Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Brabec Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
In-situ characterization of Mo-rich NiAl-(Cr,Mo) composites by synchrotron diffraction during directional solidification

Camelia Gombola Dr. Alexander Kauffmann Ioannis Sprenger Dr. Malte Blankenburg Dr. Norbert Schell Prof. Dr. Martin Heilmaier

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
In-situ high temperature investigation of the residual stress evolution of thin Cr2AlC PVD-coatings on IN718 and WC-Co

Stefan Heinze Prof. Dr. Christoph Leyens

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
New insights into the structure of expanded austenite

Dr. Stephan Mändl Patrick Schlenz Dr. Jürgen W. Gerlach Dr. Darina Manova

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
Nitrogen marker experiments in austenitic stainless steel for identification of trapping/detrapping processes

Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Schlenz Dr. Stephan Mändl Dr. Darina Manova

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
Robustness test of transmission electron microscope evacuation system to gas leak and toughness test of window for environmental cell sample holder for in-situ gas environmental experiments

Dr. Kei-ichi Fukunaga Dr. Ichiro Ohnishi Dr. Takeo Sasaki Toshihiro Suzuki Yukihito Kondo Dr. Xing Huang Dr. Marc Willinger

Lecture C04: In situ characterization/testing
The Swedish high-energy materials science beamline at PETRA III: multi-modal in situ characterization

Dr. Ulrich Lienert Dr. Zoltan Hegedüs Dr. Malte Blankenburg Dr. Johan Hektor Dr. Thomas Bäcker Sven Gutschmidt