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P02: Additive Manufacturing Technologies

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TopicP: Processing and Synthesis

While the making of innovative component geometries is very attractive to designers, additive manufacturing of metals places strong challenges towards the materials science and engineering community. With layer-by-layer build-up, both, the component and the material, are generated at the same time in additive manufacturing. The current trend of making high quality parts by additive manufacturing therefore requires an in-depth understanding of the interaction between the AM process and its relevant processing parameters and the resulting microstructure which finally determines the properties of the component.  For metal components, powder-bed based and direct metal deposition processes have proven best performance for industrial applications. Currently major emphasis is placed on the understanding of the role of materials in these different processes, particularly with regards to microstructure, residual stresses, presence, importance and elimination of defects.  At the same time, several research activities are still necessary in order to push the technology into higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) for its industrialization.

For the last, improvements covering the whole manufacturing chain must be developed and/or applied for AM fabrication. This include the development of standards for quality assessment and implementation of processes for raw material and process monitoring, AM and alloy design, modelling of residual stresses, thermal treatments and the analysis of their impact on mechanical properties and dimensional stability, finishing processes, strategies for non-destructive testing, proved repeatability on part properties, specific procurement procedures, among others.  In the framework of this symposium, the current state of the art and future trends for new alloy developments and all aspects covering the industrialization of AM will be discussed.