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S07: Material Response to Complex Mechanical and Chemical Loading

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TopicS: Structural Materials

In many applications, examples of which are bearings, rails or hip implants, materials work under complex mechanical and/or chemical loading conditions. The consequent failure mechanisms are governed by the interplay between material, mechanical load and surrounding media. In bearings or rails this can lead to formation of white-etching cracks, in hip implants to emission of detrimental ions to the human body. In all the above-mentioned cases the cyclic plastic deformation together with frictional heat, absorption of hydrogen, lubrication conditions, formation of reaction layers and tribo-corrosion play an important role. Understanding the underlying phenomena requires scale-bridging characterization and modelling from the macroscopic to the atomistic scale.

This interdisciplinary symposium invites researchers from the field of materials science, mechanical engineering and chemistry involved in experimental and modelling work on the above-mentioned phenomena to share their knowledge and to contribute to the better understanding of the material response to complex and combined mechanical and chemical loading.