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S04: Experiments and Simulations Towards Understanding Tribology Across Length-Scales

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TopicS: Structural Materials

Tribology, the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion, is crucial for many aspects of modern life. Friction and wear decisively impact the lifetime and durability of many products from nanoelectro-mechanical systems to gears and engines. For instance, during sliding of metallic contacts mutated surface layers form on different length scales. These layers carry most further plastic deformation and largely determine friction and wear. The origin and evolution of these distinct subsurface layers as well as the other atomistic to macroscale mechanisms remain elusive. This knowledge however will allow for a strategic tailoring of tribologically loaded metals. To achieve this goal, this symposium brings together simulation and experimental experts working on all lengths scales relevant to tribology. This begins on a macroscopic tribometer scale, over the mesoscopic nanoindenter-, down to the atomistic AFM- and molecular dynamics-scale.