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C08: Small scale and in situ mechanical testing: Theory meets experiment

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TopicC: Characterization

Small scale and in situ mechanical testing techniques are gaining increasing importance for characterizing and understanding the mechanical behavior of a wide variety of materials. There is a rapid development of innovative in situ and small scale testing techniques, which allow further insights in the acting deformation processes and fundamental deformation mechanisms. This is paving the way for a direct identification of parameters for micromechanical modelling, as well as the comparison of the outcome of atomistic and micromechanical simulations with experimental findings to validate models of micromechanical deformation.

This symposium will mainly focus on the development of new advanced mechanical simulation methods and in situ testing techniques and their application to foster a better understanding of the local mechanical behavior of different materials and microstructural constituents. Of special interest are combined experimental and simulation approaches, specifically focusing on the influences of interfaces on the material behavior. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced small scale testing techniques (e.g. Nanoindentation, µ-compression, µ-tension testing, µ-bending)
  • Parameter identification for mesoscale-modeling  
  • New testing approaches and analysis concepts for miniaturized fracture toughness determination; atomistic and multiscale simulations of fracture
  • Testing at elevated temperatures and under various environmental conditions
  • Simulations of chemo-mechanical coupling effects
  • Understanding interface mediated deformation behavior: Interface glide and migration in deformation of interface-dominated structures, i.e. grain and phase boundaries,
  • Correlation of high resolution microscopy analysis (optical microscopy, SEM, TEM, APT or X-ray) and in situ testing or atomistic modelling
  • Evaluation of localized phenomena by simulation and experiments (atomistic simulations, , gradient based methods, use of digital image correlation, acoustic and thermal measurements … )

Moreover a joint session with the symposium “Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Structural Materials” is planned.