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C06: Multi-modal Materials Characterization by Correlative Microscopy, 3D Imaging and In-Situ Techniques

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TopicC: Characterization

Today, a huge variety of advanced imaging techniques is available for materials scientists. And in fact, often more than one modality is needed to thoroughly characterize a material. Only by combining information from different techniques it is possible to understand the interrelation of performance and properties with structure and processing.

This symposium aims to offer a platform for researches who excel in correlative microscopy and bring them together with scientists who are just starting to explore multi-modal materials characterization. Appreciated contributions cover advanced light microscopy, as well as electron and focused ion beam microscopy, also in combination with analytic techniques like EDS and EBSD. Non-destructive 3D imaging techniques, like synchrotron or lab-based x-ray imaging, are welcome, too, especially when including grain mapping or in-situ experiments. The goal is to share knowledge, successes and potentials of correlative microscopy with the materials science community.