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C10: Tomographic and Radiographic Imaging with Synchrotron X-rays and Neutrons: Exploiting Contrast and Time

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TopicC: Characterization

Bulk imaging methods provide insight into heterogeneous materials and engineering components. In combination with tomography they yield a fully three-dimensional virtual representation of the internal architecture of materials and structures. Using X-rays and neutrons, hidden structures can be revealed in a non-destructive manner. In addition, multi-modal imaging techniques, time-resolved imaging and hierarchical multi-scale studies are rapidly gaining importance as the systems under study become increasingly complex.

The aim of the symposium is to provide an exchange information platform between researchers involved in the rapidly developing experimental techniques and users applying these techniques in the field of materials science and engineering. Contributions dealing with tomography and radiography using synchrotron and neutron sources will be presented focusing on advances on time/spatial resolution as well as on the simultaneous combination of tomography/radiography with other contrast methods.