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F12: Thin films and multilayer coatings for functional applications

Belongs to:
TopicF: Functional Materials, Surfaces, and Devices

This symposium focuses on recent developments in thin films and multilayer coatings for functional applications covering their synthesis, advanced characterization, exploration of microstructure-property relationships and their applications in surface engineering. Both fundamental and application-oriented contributions are welcome.

Major focus areas of the symposium are:  

  1. Thin films and surface engineering devoted to industrial applications such as wear protection and friction reduction in tools, components and other tribological systems. For instance, improvement of coating's performance with respect to high thermal stability, oxidation resistance and adhesion, optimum mechanical properties and lower friction, high potential for enhancement of tool and components performance. Presentations on progress in fundamental understanding of novel multi-component, metastable solid solutions and nanostructured coatings, on advanced coating architectures and design concepts and on large scale deposition approaches are highly welcomed.
  2. Microstructure engineering of metallic and ceramic thin films to create novel micro- and nanocomposites: this includes metallurgical processes controlling the microstructure evolution in micro- and nanoscale thin films (e.g. diffusion or  interface related phenomena such as grain growth and phase transformations); novel processing routes to tailor the microstructure (e.g. utilization of pulsed thermal treatments to vary the morphology of composites or to facilitate the formation of metastable microstructures); and influence of microstructure design, processing and post-treatments on properties and residual stress state.