F13: Towards understanding tribological phenomena across time- and length-scales

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TopicF: Functional Materials, Surfaces, and Devices

Short summary Even today, friction and wear decisively affect the lifetime and durability of products from nanoelectro-mechanical systems to gears and engines. Tribological phenomena at surfaces and interfaces are multi-scale by nature. During sliding of metallic contacts, materials evolve and form subsurface layers, which carry the following tribological loads and largely determine friction and wear. Under erosive conditions, extreme impact velocities and cyclic strain accumulation can lead to fatigue-type damage with sometimes unpredictable material behavior. The evolution of distinct subsurface layers, microstructural mechanisms of damage accumulation as well as other atomistic to macroscale mechanisms remain elusive.

This symposium brings together simulation and experimental experts working on all time and length scales relevant to tribology, from component testing down to atomistic AFM- and molecular dynamics-scale, with the common goal of strategically tailoring long-lasting tribosystems.