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M12: Microstructure and property evolution in applied materials: Aspects of chemo-mechanical coupling in metals and polymers

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TopicM: Modelling and Simulation

Applied materials like metals and solid-state polymers consist of multiple phases. Material inhomogeneity leads to inhomogeneity in mechanical properties as well as mechanical load and/or external field couples back to internal phase-structure. This symposium will focus its attention on the modeling of applied materials at the microstructure and grain structure levels. Special emphasis shall be given to the effect of chemo-mechanical coupling and the prediction of properties based on microstructural criteria.

We invite contributions concerned with microstructural-driven phenomena such as  

  • Diffusion controlled phase transitions -Mixed mode and massive transformations
  • Texture evolution during severe plastic deformation with plastic activity and twinning
  • Effect of chemo-mechanical coupling on microstructure evolution
  • Magneto-mechanical coupling in polymers
  • Damage and fracture related to microstructures

The symposium summarizes the final results of the DFG Priority program 1713 “” and welcomes all foreign contributions.