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Z02: Mechanical Joining in Versatile Process Chains

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TopicZ: Special Symposia

In all areas of product manufacturing, e.g. vehicle construction, machine and plant construction, medical and household appliance technology, constructions made of individual components are usually joined to more or less complex structures with a numerous number of joints. The joinability is the key for efficient production processes of variable structures with shorter model cycles. The growing number of material-geometry-combinations (MGC) requires not only a reliable prognosis of the joinability, but also in particular the versatility of mechanical joining processes. Up to now, mechanical joining processes have been configured respective to the MGC and can only be adapted to external process influences to a very limited extent, which means that they have to be adapted to new MGC at great expense.

This symposium focuses on methods to ensure the mechanical joinability in versatile process chains develop within the Transregional Collaborative Research Center 285. For new joining tasks, the possibility of selecting the process and designing the joint, creating suitable material solutions and taking into account the interactions between the preceding manufacturing steps and the joint load-bearing capacity are investigated.