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Plenary Lecture

WEB Plastic deformation of gradient nanostructured metals


Inspired by the gradient structures of biomaterials in nature, the gradient strategy has also been explored for engineering materials, including metals and alloys. In recent years, various gradient nanostructured materials, such as gradient nanograined, nanolaminated and nanotwinned metals/alloys, have opened a new research frontier in understanding structural gradient-related mechanical behaviors. These emerging gradient materials often exhibit unprecedented mechanical properties, such as strength-ductility synergy, extraordinary strain hardening, enhanced fracture and fatigue resistance, and remarkable resistance to wear and corrosion, which do not exist in materials with homogenous or random mixed microstructures. In this talk, we aim at providing a critical assessment of the state of the art in the field of gradient nanostructured metallic materials, covering topics ranging from fabrication, mechanical property characterization and underlying deformation mechanism investigation. We will discuss various deformation behaviors induced by structural gradients, including stress/strain gradients, new dislocation structure accumulation and interaction, and unique interfacial behaviors.

Prof. Lei Lu
Chinese Academy of Sciences