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WEB Space Flight Hardware fabricated by Additive Manufacturing to Jupiter Moons

Friday (25.09.2020)
12:50 - 13:05 P: Processing and Synthesis 2
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Additive Manufacturing (AM) methods have shown to be capable to produce advanced parts which cannot be fabricated today using traditional manufacturing processes. In particular, the space industry is one of the most relevant industrial sectors in adopting this technology. This is clearly pushed by the outstanding benefits that can be achieved due to the increased functionality of the produced parts as well as the capability of reducing lead-time and mass. The last is of particular interest in the space industry, where the cost for delivering 1Kg of payload range from about 10k€.

The JUICE mission (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer), which is a large-class science mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), intending to explore Jupiter and three of its icy moons (Europa, Callisto and Ganymede), proved to be challenging in a variety of aspects and also the mass of secondary structures has to be reduced. Therefore, additive manufactured solutions have been proposed, structures were re-designed and are now manufactured and validated in order to produce the first printed hardware to achieve the Jovian system.

This paper covers relevant aspects for the development of metallic space hardware produced with AM and an Al-Mg-Sc alloy, in a collaborative team between CATEC, CITD, AIRBUS Space Systems and ESA. Taking into consideration the industry perspective, all production steps are addressed, starting from the design, followed by fabrication, post-processes and finalizing by the description of inspection methods.


The authors are grateful to the European Space Agency for the funding of this activity under the GSTP programme, project “Novel structural components for launchers/satellites applications using additive manufacturing technologies”.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fernando Lasagni
Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies - CATEC
Additional Authors:
  • Antonio Periñán
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Lidia Hernández
    CiTD Engineering & Technologies
  • Carlos Galleguillos
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Javier Santaolaya
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Daniel Hervás
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Pablo Venegas
    Fundación CTA
  • Dr. Johannes Gumpinger
    ESA/ESTEC, European Space Research and Technology Center
  • Marta Garcia-Cosio
    CiTD Engineering & Technologies