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WEB A complex characterization of a biodegradable ZnMg0.8Sr0.2 (wt%) alloy

Wednesday (23.09.2020)
15:55 - 16:10 B: Biomaterials
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Zn-based materials are considered as candidates for the fabrication of biodegradable implants. In this work, we prepared a ZnMg0.8Sr0.2 (wt%) alloy by casting, subsequent annealing and extrusion. The influence of extrusion conditions on microstructural and mechanical characteristics was studied. Selected materials were studied from the point of view of corrosion and in vitro cytocompatibility. The material, which was evaluated as the most suitable for application (extrusion temperature of 200 °C and extrusion ratio of 25:1) was used for the preparation of maxillofacial „miniscrews” and in vivo tests on a rabbit model were performed. The in vivo tests showed an average corrosion rate in vivo of about 15 µm per year. No adverse effect of the implants on the surrounding tissue and no systematic organ toxicity of the implants were observed. The results suggest that the Zn-based materials can be used in vivo. Based on the obtained results, approaches, how to further improve the properties of the Zn-based materials, were suggested as well.

Dr. Jaroslav Capek
Czech Academy of Sciences
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Jiří Kubásek
    University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
  • Jan Pinc
    Czech Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Karel Klíma
    First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
  • Michal Španko
    First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University