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WEB The application of red beech as a biogenic material for energy harvesting on aircraft structures: Results of the electro-mechanical material characterization

Friday (25.09.2020)
10:25 - 10:40 B: Biomaterials
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As a natural, renewable raw product, wood is a biogenic material that is characterized by a high eco-efficiency. Based on its chemical and mechanical properties, it is applied in the most diverse areas. Wood is used not only for energetic purposes, but especially as a construction material. Due to its specific strength and rigidity the fibre composite material is applied in lightweight design for load-bearing structures. Furthermore, wood has piezoelectric properties, which were first detected in the 1940s and are still the subject of research today.

Within the framework of the collaborative project EnerVib (Innovative Energy Generation Concepts from Vibrating Flight Structures) it is investigated how the piezoelectric and load-bearing properties of wood can be effectively combined in multifunctional lightweight structures and mechanisms.

These components are intended to be integrated into aircraft structures as energy harvesters. The kinetic energy of vibrations, which occur in all operating phases of the flight, can thus be converted into electrical energy to achieve a direct supply of electrical consumers such as sensors, microelectronics etc.

Red beech is a potential wood species that might be used as a converter material. An electro-mechanical characterization is performed to determine its efficiency.

The results of the electro-mechanical material characterization of red beech are presented and the experimental procedure is demonstrated. The impact of basic parameters on the effect is discussed. Approaches for normative testing are listed.


Maximilian Weber
RWTH Aachen University
Additional Authors:
  • Hendrik Holzmann
    TU Darmstadt
  • Heiko Atzrodt
    Fraunhofer LBF
  • Dr. Athanasios Dafnis
    RWTH Aachen University