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WEB Laser peening as suitable surface treatment post process of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V – A microstructural study

Friday (25.09.2020)
09:45 - 10:00 P: Processing and Synthesis 2
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Additively manufactured materials permit new design possibilities for many sectors of industry and science. Besides the complexity of the microstructure, which permits beneficial but anisotropic mechanical properties, processing issues cause unfavorable fatigue properties, mainly due to tensile residual stresses and pores inside the microstructure. Current post-processing methods, such as HIP and heat treatments are limited in their effect on stress and fatigue characteristics. Laser peening is considered as a suitable candidate, since it has shown improvements, especially related to the depth of achievable compressive residual stresses and to the applicability on complex-shaped components, like for additively manufactured materials. Fewer studies cover microstructural aspects of materials modification. This microstructural study contains an evaluation of residual stress and deformation characteristics of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V treated by laser peening by means of various characterization techniques, compared to conventionally applied shot peening and a true reference state. The results show the influence of the additively manufactured microstructure. Bending fatigue examinations show that laser peening demonstrates the best characteristics among the tested candidates, better than shot-peened and HIP states.

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Slawik
Saarland University
Additional Authors:
  • Simon Bernarding
    Saarland University
  • Dr. Fernando Lasagni
    CATEC, Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Navarro
    Universidad de Sevilla
  • Antonio Periñán
    CATEC, Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Francisco Boby
    Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies
  • Sylvie Migot-Choux
    Institut Jean Lamour / Campus ARTEM
  • Prof. Dr. Jaime Domínguez
    Universidad de Sevilla
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich
    Saarland University