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WEB Instabilities and pattern formations in soft composites

Wednesday (23.09.2020)
17:35 - 17:50 S: Structural Materials 2
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Elastic instability is a fascinating phenomenon playing an important role in pattern formations in soft biological systems. The phenomenon also has been actively used to design new (meta-) materials with switchable microstructures, properties, and functions [1].

Here, we investigate the elastic instability phenomenon in soft heterogeneous materials. These deformable composites typically combine soft deformable matrix and stiffer phase (such as fibers or inclusions). Figure 1 shows the experimentally observed wavy patterns forming in (a) soft 3D printed laminates [2] and (b) 3D-fiber composites [3], (c) twining pattern in particulate composites [4], and (d) auxetic microstructure transformations in inclusion-matrix-void soft systems [5].



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Prof. Stephan Rudykh
University of Wisconsin-Madison


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