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WEB Plasmonic Microcarriers for Cell-Expansion

Thursday (24.09.2020)
10:55 - 11:10 B: Biomaterials
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Biocompatible microcarriers with integrated sensing functions offer key opportunities to support cell expansion, while also allowing opportunities to interrogate cell response by molecules they secrete. Plasmonic nanostructures are particularly attractive in this respect, as they allow highly sensitivity and opportunity to transduce the signal remotely, using miniature detectors that can be readily integrated with bioreactors. Integrating plasmonic sensors with microcarriers should however be pursued without adverse impact on the cell response, while also carry geometric characteristics that assure confinement and enhancement of electromagnetic field, to drive high sensitivity. In this direction, the talk would present our investigations centered around plasmonic microcarriers prepared by using commercially available dextran-based microcarriers that are functionalized to assure optimal concentration of gold nanoparticles on its surface for plasmonic transduction via surface-enhanced spectroscopy. The microcarriers are shown to retain their cytocompatibility, while also delivering sensitivity down to picomolar sensitivity in sensing of model organic molecule used as a model analyte. Findings show that the high sensitivity to arise from the favorable distribution of plasmonic nanoparticles, and the ability to capture the analyte molecules. The microcarriers with integrated sensing are demonstrated for the first time, and open fresh avenues for future investigations.


Dr. Sivashankar Krishnamoorthy
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Additional Authors:
  • Charlotte Stoffels
    Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • Patrick Grysan
    Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • Caroline Sion
    University of Lorraine
  • Dr. Eric Olmos
    University of Lorraine