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WEB Synthesis of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate using Electromigration

Friday (25.09.2020)
11:35 - 11:50 B: Biomaterials
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Bio-composite materials, such as bone and dentin, are highly organised architectures comprised of an organic and inorganic component that vary in ratio depending on the material. [1-4] These scaffolds have remained challenging to mimic synthetically, considering that in nature, the production involves intricate biological pathways. [4,5] Regardless, these materials share the trait of hierarchical organisation, and an interesting feature that also remains common amongst these bio-materials is the high mineral content contained in both. In our study, we utilise chronoamperometry to control mineral deposition, such that this technique could be used for target remineralisation of bone and dentin.

To investigate how chronoamperometry controls the formation of calcium phosphate films, we are studying how the applied potential promotes the migration of calcium and phosphate ions using track-etch membranes that are placed inside a double-diffusion set-up. Through this, an enhanced local supersaturation is created to enable calcium phosphate crystallisation.

This talk will present preliminary results, from in situ monitoring via Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, to characterise the crystallisation process resulting from the effects of a potential. The increased rate of crystallisation hints to faster migration of ions through the membrane pores, which is consistent with subsequent Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy analysis showing the membrane pores and surfaces being filled with calcium phosphate crystals.


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Dahlia Eldosoky
University of Edinburgh
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Justin P. Elliott
    The University of Edinburgh
  • Dr. Ilka Schmueser
    The University of Edinburgh
  • Prof. Andrew R. Mount
    The University of Edinburgh
  • Dr. Fabio Nudelman
    The University of Edinburgh