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WEB Superhard Conductive Rhenium Nitride Thin Films via Magnetic Field-Assisted CVD from Volatile Rhenium Precursors

Thursday (24.09.2020)
12:05 - 12:20 Z: Special Symposia I
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Rhenium nitride is a promising candidate as superhard conductor. Different rhenium-to-nitrogen ratios and several phases result in challenging synthetic strategies for phase pure rhenium nitride. Novel heteroleptic rhenium(I) compounds, [fac-Re(I)(CO)3(L)] (e.g., L= tfb-dmpda, (N,N-(4,4,4-trifluorobut-1-en-3-on)-dimethyl propylene diamine)), containing preformed Re−N bonds act as efficient precursors for selective growth of polycrystalline rhenium nitride (ReN) films by vapor phase deposition. This is the first known access to synthesize phase pure rhenium nitride by single source precursor approach without the need of additional gases. Interdependence of materials strength and thin film orientation is strongly influenced by external magnetic fields. Deposition of ReN films in presence of an external magnetic field showed an orientation effect with preferred growth of crystallites along ⟨100⟩ direction.

Michael Frank
University of Cologne
Additional Authors:
  • Lasse Jürgensen
    University of Cologne
  • David Graf
    University of Cologne
  • Daniel Stadler
    University of Cologne
  • Prof. Dr. Sanjay Mathur
    University of Cologne