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WEB Synergy effect of Metal Hydroxide and Tungsten Carbide Nanorod Arrays for Enhancing Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Thursday (24.09.2020)
09:45 - 10:00 Z: Special Symposia I
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Developing effective non-noble electrocatalysts for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is highly desirable for efficient H2 production but still challenging. In this lecture, we reported 3d metal hydroxides modified tungsten carbide (WC) nanorods as an efficient and cost-effective HER catalyst. Among various metal hydroxides (Ni, Co, Fe, Mn – (OH)x), Ni(OH)2-WC/NF demonstrates the most superior HER catalytic activity, requiring overpotential of only 74 mV to deliver a current density of 10 mA/cm2 with a Tafel slope of 67 mV/dec and also shows a highly stable performance over 12 h in 1.0 M KOH. This outstanding HER catalytic activity in alkaline media results from the synergy effect of metal hydroxide and WC nanorods; metal hydroxides promote water separation to hydrogen intermediates (Hads), which then adsorb on the nearby WC surface sites to produce hydrogen molecules. This interface engineering offers not only a promising alkaline HER catalyst [Ni(OH)2-WC/NF] but also new strategies to enhance HER catalytic activity with hybridized 3d metal hydroxides in alkaline media.

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