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WEB Thermodynamic Modelling of Ceramic Systems

Wednesday (23.09.2020)
11:50 - 12:05 Z: Special Symposia I
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It is widely recognised that phase diagram and thermochemical data are essential to answer many

practical questions that arise in the development of materials and their processing. The CALPHAD

method, a computer assisted calculation method, which offers a cost-effective and efficient

alternative to conventional methods to obtain much needed phase diagram and thermochemical

information in multicomponent systems. It is a combinatorial approach involving carefully selected

experimental data, results from theoretical estimation techniques and Gibbs energy models. Result

of such an exercise is a set of internally consistent Gibbs energy functions that describes the material

system. Powerful computer programs in combination with reliable Gibbs energy functions stored in

databases allow calculation of phase diagrams and thermochemical properties that suits one’s need.

Principles and advantages of the CALPHAD method are presented. Its application to ceramic systems

will be illustrated using examples from our on-going research.

Prof. K.C. Hari Kumar
Indian Institute of Technology Madras


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