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Keynote Lecture

An introduction into systems modeled by PDEs: control strategies and technological relevance

Thursday (24.09.2020)
15:00 - 15:30 Z: Special Symposia II
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The talk aims to give a brief introduction into systems with distributed parameters that involve partial differential equations (PDEs) in their mathematical characterization. For that, the presentation favors concrete technological examples over an extensive formulaic description. Following a brief discussion of the different types of PDEs and the physical phenomena they model, the focus is on how one can influence the behavior of such PDE systems. This is where actuators, ranging from classical drives to active materials such as piezoelectric and electroactive polymeric actuators, come into play, especially the way they impact a system. For example, most people have first-hand experience with the difference between a storage and a continuous-flow water heater, when taking a shower. Mathematically, an actuator will often only affect the boundary of a PDE model. One might think, for example, of a simple conveyor belt, where a robot measures and drops a good at one end. However, as for the continuous-flow water heater or the piezoelectric strip, there are also instances, where the actuator influences a whole area of the system. The talk will give an overview of all these forms of PDE control.

Dr. Nicole Gehring
Johannes Kepler University Linz
Additional Authors:
  • Abdurrahman Irscheid
    Saarland University