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Keynote Lecture


Wednesday (23.09.2020)
11:20 - 11:50 Z: Special Symposia I
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Functional materials usually consist of complex three-dimensional scale-bridging architectures. The specific functionality depends on details of the material architectures across scales down to atomic arrangements. Typical, important examples can be found e.g. in the field of energy -, bio-medical-, sensing materials. We use the combination of scale bridging microscopies and spectroscopies to create a correlated data context for the interpretation and optimization of materials’ and device functions.

We will demonstrate advanced correlated electron microscopy and spectroscopy (CORRMIC) containing x-ray microscopy (XRM) and electron- and ion-microscopies (FIB-SEM, HIM) with analytical techniques such as energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, electron backscatter diffraction and in-situ mechanical testing. Complex microscopy and spectroscopy data sets will be utilized in combination with machine learning approaches to further advance material and device performances. Examples from energy materials such as novel battery electrodes and bio-technology such as artificial tissue and bio-compatible surfaces will be presented.

Prof. Dr. Silke Christiansen
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie